Could You Live Without Broadband at Home? (Steve Wozniak Does!)

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Could you live without broadband at home? I don't know if I could, but Apple Co-Founder and Gizmodo hero Steve Wozniak can. That's what he has recently said in Australia talking about his home in Los Gatos, California:

I don't have broadband at my home. I, Steve Wozniak, don't have broadband at my home. I live one kilometre out of the main part of town. Broadband is a monopoly in my town—that means you can get it from a cable company, but I don't have cable. There are 50 companies that want to sell me DSL, but they've all got to go through the Horizon wires—the local phone company—and I've got one of the two worst Horizons in the country. And so I can't get broadband in my house.

So how does the Woz live without wired internet access? Wireless access, of course: smartphones, tablets and computers connecting through 3G and LTE. []