Count How Many Times You'd Break Your Ankle on This Crazy Steep Downhill Mountain Parkour Run

Unlike hurdles, parkour manages to make the idea of running and jumping over things actually look pretty cool. Unless you’re watching a parkour run from the perspective of someone racing over obstacles down the side of a steep mountain in China, that is—then it becomes absolutely terrifying.

Meet Calen Chan, tackling the Skyladder parkour run on Tianman Mountain in China. It’s almost three football fields long, with an average angle of 45-degrees. One misstep and Chan not only risked snapping an ankle, but tumbling down these concrete stairs. And as if this run wasn’t already challenging enough, he did the whole thing with a GoPro camera in his mouth to record his descent. No wonder all the tourists in his path scrambled to get out of the way.


[YouTube via Likecool]

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