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Morbius' Final Trailer Wants to Remind You: Oh Yeah, Matt Smith Is in This

Otherwise, it's business as usual for the Living Vampire in this last preview for the film.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
In a poorly lit room, Loxias Crown points a dropper at something and smiles
Screenshot: Sony Pictures

Morbius? You’ve finally got me a bit worried. When the movie was first announced, I was basically stunned with disbelief that such an nth-tier Spider-Man foe would get his own major motion picture. When I saw the first couple of trailers, I was genuinely impressed. But now that the Jared Leto anti-hero movie’s final trailer has arrived, all I feel is this: Hasn’t this all been basically the same, outside of two or so moments of footage?

We’ve seen plenty of him trouncing goons during the battle in the ship’s plumbing room. We know all about his rare blood disease, his trip to far-off somewhere-or-other, getting swarmed by countless CG bats, and coming back with superpowers and an unfortunate tendency to lose his nose. Vampire sonar across New York City? Glide in front of a speeding NYC subway train? Parkour up a stairwell from railing to railing, like we all know bats do? Check, check, and check.

As far as I can tell, the only new stuff in this final trailer is an extra couple of seconds with Matt Smith, who plays Loxias Crown, Mobius’ friend who suffers from the same blood disease (and clearly ends up getting the same superpowers, natch), screaming about killing all the people in the world who had the gall to not be dying of a rare blood disease. Oh, and a few extra seconds of Michael Keaton’s still unexplained cameo as Marvel Cinematic Universe villain Adrian “The Vulture” Toomes, telling Morbius to discover who he’s “meant to be.” Again, Morbius still doesn’t look bad, but I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t a bit worried about the lack of new footage.


The movie is currently scheduled to premiere this April 1 and there’s absolutely nothing ominous about that, I’m sure.

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