Watching These Daredevils Leap Across Rooftops in Hong Kong Gave Me a Fear of Heights

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The talented parkour collective known as Storror wants you to believe this video shows a daring escape from a security guard, and the local police, across the rooftops and streets of Hong Kong. The backstory about escaping security might be exaggerated, but the stunts are real, and terrifying enough to make me anxious about going out on my balcony.

The agitated security guard at the start of the video is probably real, but he clearly has no interest chasing these three guys once they start running along precarious ledges, and leaping from building to building, over 10-stories up. The first-person camera man occasionally pausing to perfectly frame the stunts of the other parkour runners is the biggest tell that this run has been extensively pre-planned—but that doesn’t make it any less exhilarating to come along for the ride.