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Coup d'eTorrent: Scammers Hijack a Major File-Sharing Site

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

RIP, EZTV: One of the largest TV pirating rings is dead. Torrent sites like Kickass and Pirate Bay have also added a warning to EZTV’s files reading: THIS DOMAIN HAS BEEN TAKEN OVER BY SCAMMERS. STAY AWAY.

After EZTV had its IP address suspended, it was purchased by scammers. NovaKing was told he needed a court order to get control of his domain, which may be tricky to do considering the less-than-legal nature of EZTV’s file-sharing.


These still-unknown scammers were able to lock EZTV ringleader “NovaKing” out of his accounts and are continuing to run the non-profit pirating ring as though no fishy coup d’ etorrent had gone down.

Since EZTV had such a sterling reputation in the torrenting community, there’s plenty of suspicion that this hostile takeover is a way to distribute malware, or a precursor to a good ol’ fashioned MPAA honeydick situation. Even if it’s neither of those things, it’s smartest to avoid downloading from a group that has been publicly hijacked for unknown purposes.


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Image via Pirate Bay

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