The Apple-Samsung court battle rolls on, and continues to provide insights that the companies would rather keep confidential—like their sales figures, which have just been released in a new court filing.

All Things D has laid the documents out for all to see and, while they're not the most surprising figures in the world, they do contain some interesting little nuggets.


While Apple usually quotes global sales figures, this document provides a break down of US figures, showing that the company sold over 85 million iPhones in the US through the second quarter of 2012—generating revenue of over $50 billion—and shifted 34 million iPads in the same period.

Elsewhere the document details the sales of 24—24!—different Samsung phones between June 2010 and June 2012, as well as three members of the Galaxy Tab line. In total, Samsung sold more than 21 million units of products which Apple is accusing of infringement.

Apple needn't have worried too much about the Galaxy Tab 10.1 LTE, though: it sold just 125,000 units, all told. For a more detailed look at the figures, check out All Things D. [Court Filing via All Things D]


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