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Crash Test Tesla Model S Alpha Hints at Electric Sports Sedans to Come

Illustration for article titled Crash Test Tesla Model S Alpha Hints at Electric Sports Sedans to Come

The orange beauty here is one of the crash test cars that Tesla will send into a wall at some future date to judge the car's impact worthiness. It's also an indication of what's next from the electric car company.


Manufactured in the company's brand spankin' new Fremont, Calif. facility (well, recently acquired from GM/Toyota and reformatted anyway), the Model S is Tesla's take on the all-electric sedan.

GigaOM, form whence this orange picture came, recently had a tour of this relatively new facility and used that coveted opportunity to snap a bunch of photos. There are more! Check them out, and if you're a real electric gearhead, prepare to drool and assume an envious stance. [GigaOM]


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Their showroom in L.A was pretty cool. We had a tour of it in 2008:[]

image gallery:[]

Will have to make a trip to Fremont next time we have an excuse to head out West.

BTW, we love two-seaters mostly because it gives us an excuse for not having to take everyone alone. Sad, but understandable, that they have opted for a 4-seater as their first in-house designed model.