Crazy Frog Pulls a Columbia House

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OK.This is an immutable law of physics: If you PAY FOR a Crazy Frog ringtone, you deserve to get screwed. I think it's Einstein's 3rd Corollary, only back then it was if you pay for a picture of Queen Anastasia getting boned by a horse, you deserved to get screwed. Same difference.

Anyway, what they did was charge something like $2 for a ringtone and the surreptitiously sign up the buyer into a ringtone club where they keep getting charged for Crazy Frog noises. And, get this:

Industry watchers - including analysts, Juniper Research - have called for an end to the policy of offering subscription services as this practice has tarnished the image of the entire mobile content industry.


This is Crazy Frog we're talking about here. Hasn't this thing already tarnished the minds of children and adults everywhere? How much lower could they go?

Crazy Frog found guilty of deceit [TheInquirer]

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