Crazy Guy Beats Guitar Hero 3 Using Drums

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Click to viewIf you have ever tried to play the guitar using drumsticks, you were probably drinking the same paint thinner as I was drinking, because it's impossible*. Unless you are playing with Guitar Hero III. And you have a custom midi controller designed to play as it if you were drumming. And you kick ass playing drums. But then, you would probably be the crazy guy who recorded himself in this amazing video just to show that he can a) replace Animal in The Muppets and b) beat the crap out of you playing Guitar Hero III using sticks. [College Humor - Thanks Jon B.]

* Yeah, I know it's not impossible. Actually, just a few days ago here in Williamsburg, Christy-from the weird and wonderful Christy & Emily, get their album-left me speechless with her amazing live-and real-guitar performance, which included a drumstick in a song.