Kelly McBride, concerned parent, overbearing mother, and all-around crazy lady, just made a commentary on NPR. McBride is apparently regretting purchasing a Wii for her kids, saying that she's not satisfied they're off the couch and actually moving about, but that they should be outside actually doing the things they simulate in the games.

It's not enough that they're actually working up a sweat playing the Wii, oh no, she wants them to work up a sweat actually playing the sport.

She then proceeds to patronize her own children's new affinity for sports via Wii Sports. She mocks their sudden interest in these virtual sports and their so-called "exercise," despite the obvious physical benefits. She belittles their understanding of the real sports, only to widen her target to attack all the over-weight children of America and their newfound self-esteem before finally questioning whether or not these children will ever know the true sense of accomplishment that only reality can provide.


You go girl. Show those children who's boss.

NPR [via Ars Technica]

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