Dezeen reports on the crazy plan by a pair of Portuguese architects who want to turn a giant iron bridge into a giant monument by disassembling it and moving it from the River Douro—where it stands unused—to the center of Porto, Portugal. The Maria Pia Bridge bridge was designed in 1877 by Gustave Eiffel and it's larger than the famous tower. The entire plan sounds surreal but it makes sense:

By relocating [the bridge] to the centre of the city on a higher position, [it] would regain visibility but mostly another meaning, since it is released of the need of being useful.


The entire dismantling and re-assembly project would only take five months and cost $13.71 million.

Sadly, it didn't win the contest organized by the city to revitalize its center. Once the world's longest single-arch bridge, it could have been a formidable monument at 196.85 feet (60 meters) high with a 1158 feet (353 meters) span, larger than the Eiffel Tower on its side (1063 feet, 324 meters.)

But the architects—and many in the community—are still pushing for this beautiful project to happen. Hopefully, if the economy gets better, they will achieve their objetive one day.


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