Create a Worship-Worthy MacBook Altar with the Floater

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Check out the Floater by Balmuda Design, a stand for your MacBook Pro that lets you close up that laptop, holding it up on vertical display for all to see. Connect your keyboard, screen and mouse for the perfect desktop replacement. Carved out of a solid block of aluminum, it matches the MacBook Pro and even helps to cool things off a bit, acting as a natural heat sink.


Fitting only 15- and 17-inch MacBook Pros, 17-inch PowerBook G4s and the 13-inch MacBook, it looks a precision piece of equipment, but with a precision price of $305. However, that seems to be a paltry price to pay to elevate that laptop into this way-cool floating position, lifting that Mac up, above the great unwashed where it belongs.

But wait. Snap out of it. It's just a goddamned computer, okay?

Product Page [Balmuda Design]