Creative Xmod: Sounds Good?

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Laptop Magazine just posted a review of the Creative Xmod, a USB go-between for your audio source and speakers that supposedly enhances MP3s to beyond CD quality. Needless to say, we were skeptical.


But Laptop Magazine loved the Xmod, rewarding it 4/5 stars and an Editors' Choice designation.

We enjoyed clear highs, punchy lows, and how the Xmod's CMSS 3D placed vocals in a different area than standard earbuds or headphones do. Vocals seemed to come from an area in front of us instead of from the ear, which opens the soundscape.

Apparently the Xmod mixes the sound into 9 virtual speakers, which can probably add a lot to the listening experience. Their only complaints were faint hissing and the necessity of a power cord in some situations. I don't know...even a faint hissing seems like a major drawback. Does anyone out there use an Xmod?

Creative Xmod [laptop mag]


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