Creepy Idea For A TV Show: Doctor Battles "Demonic Contagion"

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We're pretty sick of supernatural medical dramas, but the new show that NBC just gave a green light sounds pretty different. In Maidenhead, a scientist goes to a Connecticut suburb to examine a teen girl, only to find that demonic influence is an epidemic spreading like wildfire.


It doesn't hurt that the pilot of Maidenhead will be directed by James Wan (Insidious, The Conjuring, Fast and the Furious 7), who has a proven touch with creepy subject matter. The pilot will be written by Ben Ripley (Source Code) and produced by movie producer John Davis, who also gave NBC the hit show The Blacklist. Maidenhead has been ordered with a "significant penalty," which probably means it has a high chance of airing, unless it looks so terrible the network wants to cut its losses. [Deadline]

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It seems an eye rolling demon has possessed me as I can't stop rolling my eyes at this series.

Oh silly science, it's not pollution, bacterium or viruses that make people bleed out of their eyes and vomit. It's the demon Heccubus.

It just goes to show that Dan Harmon's mocking end credits of the last Community episode shown on NBC was prophetic. I think I would rather watch "Thought Jacker."