Creepy In-Vitro fertilization Could Use Eggs From a Dead Teenager

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A desperate Israeli family won a court decision that lets them extract and freeze the eggs from their dead daughter. The teenage girl died unexpectedly after a recent car crash.


The parents wanted her eggs to be fertilized before storage, but that request was denied by the court. If the parents prove their daughter expressed an interest in bearing children, her eggs could be fertilized and a grandchild could be created at their discretion.

Though creepy, this isn't the first time a baby was made post-mortem. Another Israeli couple used sperm from their deceased son to create a grandchild using a surrogate mother. [Guardian; Shutterstock/somersault18:24]

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I wouldn't want my bloodline to go extinct if my kid died when they were a teenager. Anyone should do whatever they can to preserve their genetic code, that is what existing and procreating is all about. There is really nothing creepy about it. It is the same as if she froze the eggs before she died or if she had a baby and then died and her parents took care of the child. Life is usually a good thing regardless of how it happens.