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Cremation Urns Replicate The Deceased As Action Figures

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

If you have any doubt that 3D printing is a transformative technology, then look no further than the cremation industry where companies can rapidly customize urns designed to be enduring keepsakes. But, one Vermont company has gone to the extreme by duplicating your loved one’s head for urns shaped as action figures.

Yes, we’ve seen the growing popularity of using 3D printing to create miniature versions of ourselves. And now, the good people at Cremation Solutions have taken that fad to its logical conclusion: Why not have your mortal remains stored in a container that looks just like you? And, why settle for the real you, when Cremation Solutions offers you the opportunity to live out your afterlife on a shelf dressed as Superman or Indiana Jones?

The price? A mere $100, although a custom wig is $300 extra.