Croatia's Blue Volcano Stadium Will Have a Green 'Cloud' Hanging Above It

Let's appreciate for a second that this future Croatian stadium looks like a city fit for a Lando Calrissian. The thing will have a CLOUD suspended above that can display in-game action or information—all while harvesting solar power.

Referred to as the "Blue Volcano" (proper name: Za(breg)), this njiric+arhitekti-designed stadium will sit in the heart of Zagreb, Croatia, and will be constructed of steel, recycled rubber and polycarbonate materials, giving it extra green-cred.


In addition to its teched-out features, the cloud is also intended to provide protection from rain and snow without requiring an all-out dome design. njiric+arhitekti expect the stadium to be completed in 2012. It has even been suggested that the stadium's exterior could be used for skateboarding and free climbing. Sigh. If only there was a stadium like this in the Bay Area.

Be sure to check out Arch Daily for more images. [Arch Daily via Inhabitat via Fast Company]

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