Crowdfund An Exploration Of Lovecraftian Science And More!

This week's look at all things Crowdfunding offers everything you could want - well, probably not, but it's still got a deep dive into the science of H.P. Lovecraft, awesome tabletop accessories, Robot comics and a year of classic horror movies! Let's check it out.

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This nifty set of Hex-based terrain tiles lets you create and set up huge, cool looking boards to play tabletop games of all sorts easily instead of digging out the green playing mat again and again:

From the creators of War of Kings comes BattleHex, a hexagon-based, modular terrain system that is ready right out of the box to turn your whole table into an elegant battlefield worthy of your miniatures no matter what game you play on it. It is beautiful, versatile, easy to set up, and easy to take down. Just one box adds great artistic effects to a whole table making it extremely practical. There's nothing to assemble, paint, or flock, and the terrain itself doesn't get in the way of your miniatures during the game. In short, BattleHex is fantastic terrain without the hassle!

A $64 pledge nets you one complete tileset - 61 hexes, enough to make a 6 x 4 foot terrain board - when they're due to ship in July of this year.

Lovecraftian Science Volume 1


Lovecraft's collection of tales often relied on science and scientific concepts to better creep the living bejesus out of us. Interested in learning more about them? Look no further than this volume of articles investigating the scientific background of Lovecraft's most infamous stories in depth:

A number of people have asked for more details and investigations into some of the subject matter I cover on Lovecraftian Science. Additionally, I would like to spend more time and detail on some of these subjects, conducting more research and presenting additional information. These investigations will be synthesized into an approximately 100 page periodical called "Lovecraftian Science, Volume 1, and will cover a variety of scientific subject matters but in a greater level of detail than what has been covered on my blog.


$7 pledges get you the magazine as a digital download, $25 the physical edition (as well as the opportunity to forward a question that will be answered in it).

The Universal Suspects


The Digital Gym Cinema want to bring a year long retrospective of Universal's classic monster movies to San Diego - for a Sunday a month, every month for the rest of the year!

Yes, tickets will be available to individual Universal Suspects programs. Yes, full-year passes will be available at the box office. So why do we need to do an IndieGoGo campaign?

Well, in order to make this happen, we have to pay a monster-size chunk of money for the screening rights for thirty-one films. But with a small number of pre-sales we can ease the financial burden before the first creature is let loose on the screen. Plus, this is your opportunity to get a year-long pass at a discounted rate and with Perks!


The campaign is essentially for pre-booking tickets to the event - $20 gets you two passes to see every movie (except for a special screening of the Spanish-language version of Dracula at the San Diego Film Festival).



This Graphic novel from Kyle Gnepper (Samurnauts) and Kristen Gudsnuk (Henchgirl) revolves around a small family on a future colony world programming a humble construction bot to be their Guardian:

Toolbox is about a future off world human settlement that reprograms a construction robot to protect them from bandits and dangerous wild life in the area. It's equal parts Science Fiction and Western Adventure. At its heart it's about technology, sisterhood, character and what it means to be a family.


You know the drill - $10 nets you the digital copy of the finished graphic novel, while $15 gets you the physical edition.

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