Crowdfund gorgeous Space posters, fantasy Map creation and More!

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We're back with another look at neat crowdfunding projects, and this week's got everything from a poster series dedicated to NASA's robotic spacecraft, a mapping tool for fantasy writers and tabletop gamers alike, and even a Calendar dedicated to the badass Women of cosplay.


Header Image Credit: The Historic Robotic Spacecraft Poster Series

Thistil Mistil Kistil

This webcomic about Norse mythology has been running for over 5 years online - and now creator Sarah Schanze is looking to get the first five chapters printed in a book:

Thistil Mistil Kistil takes place during the Viking age. It tells the story of a young warrior named Coal and his quest to reach a promised afterlife. Past transgressions of the trickster Loki, however, have put a considerable kink in Coal's plan, and before he can reach Valhalla, he must complete a quest given to him by Odin. Loki agrees to help, but he doesn't make it easy on the surly young warrior.

$10 gets you a PDF of the first 5 chapters as well as a 24-page bonus story, while a $20 pledge gets you that and the physical hardback book signed by Schanze.

Women vs. Cosplay 2015 Calendar


This Calendar gathers some prominent female cosplayers together for 12 months of video game cosplay awesomeness, featuring little tidbits about their cosplay inspirations as well as their great cosplay designs - including the lovely Dragon Age Inquisition cosplay by Armed and Dangerous that we've covered before!

We are working with female cosplayers with a variety of experience and talents, and we're putting together a roster that brings our favorite characters to life - plucked from the video games we love and play. We work not only with cosplayers from around the world, but photographers as well. This helps us cut costs (versus the incredible expense of flying every cosplayer down to use a photographer of our own), and allows us to feature many different talented photographers versus each photo having the same flavor.


A $20 pledge will get you the physical calendar, a PDF collection of wallpapers based on the photographs from the Calendar, and two postcards featuring the cosplayers involved with the project.

Other World Mapper


This neat piece of software lets you generate your own fantasy worlds packed with detail - perfect for representing the new setting of your next RPG campaign, or for worldbuilding ahead of a new fantasy novel:

As RPG gamers and amateur story writers, we often need maps to convey our story. After years of bouncing between hand drawn maps and computer programs that didn't provide the tools we wanted, we finally asked ourselves, "Since we're software developers, why don't we make a specialized mapping program with the tools we want?" and that's how Other World Mapper was born. As soon as we started development we realized how awesome this program could be. Now we want to finish Other World Mapper so that we can share it with our fellow gamers, writers and anyone who enjoys creating worlds!


$20 will get you the actual software itself to get you started, whilst $35 gets you an 'upgraded' edition featuring an expansion of extra art assets to make your maps with.

Historic Robotic Spacecraft Poster Series


Pay tribute to NASA's robotic explorers - Voyager, Cassini and Curiosity - with this set of stylish screenprinted posters.

Each of these missions represent the best of what human intellect can achieve and can also provide a nostalgic sense of pride. To many, Voyager was a big part living through the '80s with it's tour of the outer solar system and Carl Sagan's original Cosmos series. In the '90s Galileo treated us to a thrilling tour of Jupiter and it's exotic moons. Then Y2K served up Cassini at Saturn and two particularly robust rovers on Mars with two out of the three operating to this day.

We have noticed over the last few years, that there have been some beautiful poster series by various designers covering themes such as Earth science, manned space missions, the planets and astronomy. However, designs that focused specifically on any particular robotic planetary missions seemed to be almost non-existent. When you do find something — the designs are generally data-driven. The likes of which might be expected gracing the walls of a high school science lab, but not hanging prominently in one's own living room. Well we want to change that and here is how we propose doing it.


$20 can get you all three designs as PDFs, but if you want the physical posters, They're available at a variety of tiers in different sizes.

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Plasma Frequency, a pretty great SF/F magazine, is funding for pro-rates:…

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