Crowdfund Sci-Fi Radio Drama, Board Games about crazy A.I and more!

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What if aliens attacked the Prussians in the late 18th Century? A comic book series tries to answer just that in this week's look at all things Crowdfunding - but that's not all. There's a board game about humanity rebelling against a rogue A.I, retro radio-dramas with a Sci-Fi twist and more.

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MIND: The Fall of Paradise


This 4 player board game pits rebellious leaders of Humanity against a highly advanced A.I and its plans to save Humanity by uploading its minds to a Hive Utopia:

MIND - The Fall of Paradise is a sci-fi boardgame in which one player becomes MIND, an all powerful A.I, and up to 3 other players take the roles of rebel leaders that do not approve with the decision of giving executive authority to an A.I over Lyanon, the 15th district of Earth. The Rebellion considers that it's unnatural for a creator to obey his creation.

Before the game starts players choose a scenario to play, distribute initial resources and populate the spaceships and colonies offered by the scenario with unique human citizens. MIND always starts the game by owning Lyanon, while the rebel leaders may start by owning different colonies and spaceships in the Solar System, or by owning nothing, and just being citizens of Lyanon themselves.

A £65 pledge (that's around $100) nets you and cheaper copy of the full game for when it ships in late 2015.

Redshift Season 1


This monthly podcast of Sci-Fi stories that aims to recreate the vibes of classic Radio Dramas, and act as a home for new science fiction from upcoming authors:

Redshift will be a love letter to the classic sci-fi radio dramas of the past. Shows like Dimension X, The Whistler, the BBC sci-fi radio of the 1970s and other shows brought famous and upcoming sci fi authors of the times into the homes of millions of people, opening minds and exposing people to forward thinking stories and fantastical worlds of imagination. We want to carry on that tradition.

The first season of Redshift will be 6 episodes of all new productions, using local Twin Cities actors as well as authors both local and national, perhaps even international. Each month will bring a new production, available for free on, and with it behind the scenes material, author interviews and perhaps even unique art pieces devoted to each new story.


Although each story will be free to access online if the kickstarter is successful, the pledge tiers can net you anything from a poster of the series' artwork ($15) or a copy of the first season on CD ($35).

DungeonMorphs Dice


Need to generate a quick map for your next tabletop RPG? This neat Card and Dice system maps out a randomly put together city or village for your adventurers to potter about in with a roll of the die:

Each side of each die will have a unique design of part of a city or village. The next time the party looks for a town to stop at, roll a few of the dice, push them together, line up the dice, and you've got an instant city or village. If you need the layout later, take a picture of the dice (or cards). Use our PDF, Font or images if you want to keep track of the village/city digitally. (Every reward will include the matching image versions in either JPG or PNG format.) Initially we're planning on making one set of 5 dice with half city designs and half village designs. However, we expect to meet our initial goal early and do extra sets of dice.


A mere $5 pledge will net you all 60 possible design permutations as PDF tiles for you to print out and use in lieu of the dice, while $20 gets you a single set of 5 dice and $20 gets you two.

Prussians vs. Aliens

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This comic by Davide La Rosa and Riccardo Pieruccini imagines an alternative history where Prussia is invaded by an alien race as political tensions in Europe reach a fever point at the height of the French Revolution:

It's 1789. French Revolution is raging in the streets of Paris.

No one cared to notice that the Prussians were busy fighting an alien menace and saving the world. But let's step back for a minute. A few weeks earlier, the fat King Frederick William II was experiencing the worst awakening of his life. Rumour has it, the whole Prussian horse fleet had disappeared. It couldn't get any worse for a country whose greatest army pride are the horses! After all, what's left of an 18th Century army if you take the horses away from them?


A 5 euro (about $6) nets you a digital copy of the first 46-page volume of the story, while 20 Euros (about $24) gets you a hard copy in either English or the original Italian.

If there's any cool crowdfunding projects you've seen, or are running yourself, include them in the comments below!


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