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Crowdfund Speculative Fiction Anthologies, Cool Fantasy Comics And More!

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There's a bit of a literary bent to our look at all things crowdfunding this week - there's a collection of an awesome supernatural webcomic, a look back at action figure marketing in the 80's, an anthology of speculative fiction, and a new book from the creator of The Perry Bible Fellowship. Let's dig in!


Header Image Credit: Notes on a Case of Melancholia, Or: A Little Death

Six by Six


This hefty anthology brings together six speculative fiction writers, each penning six stories covering a gamut of genres, including sci-fi and fantasy:

Six by Six brings together six of today's most exciting speculative fiction authors. In a one-time offering, never to be offered again in a single package, each of our six authors brings to you, our Kickstarter backers, a collection of six speculative fiction stories. That's 36 stories in all, roughly twice the size of a typical anthology.

An early bird offer gets you a digital copy of all the stories in multiple formats for $13 at the moment (otherwise it'll be a $15 pledge), while higher tiers of pledge nets you physical copies of previous books from some of the anthologies' authors.

Each Sold Separately

Illustration for article titled Crowdfund Speculative Fiction Anthologies, Cool Fantasy Comics And More!

Ah, the 80's - perhaps the ultimate decade of toy-tie-in merchandise. This book takes a look back at how Toy companies branched out into other forms of media and beyond in trying to get your childhood self to badger your parents for new toys:

Welcome, children of the eighties! Each Sold Separately is a 48-page hardcover book collecting my own scattered thoughts on the action figure marketing of the eighties. Inside this book are sections discussing pack-in catalogs, how the cardbacks were used to promote other toys, commercials, and more! Growing up in the eighties I was bombarded by toy promotions, and I simply cannot state how much I still enjoy and respect all of the forms of marketing toymakers used when I was a kid.


$8 gets you a digital copy of the book, while $16 gets you a hardcover version.

Sorcery 101


Kel McDonald's excellent supernatural webcomic, about a (kind of inept) wizard in modern day delving into the world of magic, is getting a hardback anthology:

In this first volume, we follow along as Danny not only learns a basic fire spell, but also how he finds his footing in a supernatural-filled world. He has stopped aging due to a magic bond with a vampire and needs to learn how this affects his ongoing relationships, especially in regards to his 7-year-old daughter, not to mention any future dating prospects. Meanwhile, his werewolf best friend has started a family and Danny is helping with their super-powered child. Even his mundane day job as a history teacher is made difficult by the supernatural spilling over in the form of love spells gone wrong and teenage werewolves. All the while, the vampire he is magically bonded to is definitely up to something sinister.


You know the drill: $15 gets you a digital copy of the anthology, while a $30 pledge gets the physical omnibus.

The Somber Crown Issue 2


Lee Milewski brings his fantasy adventure comic back to Kickstarter for a second issue, following the successful campaign for the first issue:

It is a comic series that's heavily inspired by the classic fantasy works that we all know and love (in addition to old-school adventure gaming), and is a true love letter towards this adventure-genre; as every page showcases this with over-the-top fights and a rotating eccentric band of characters.This story follows Fen, an unrivaled hunter and marksman. He is a gifted elf, though orphaned at an early age and drafted into the King's service, never to truly understand his past.As distant memories flicker around his skull, and with the quickest sword in recent times, he quests forward, in hopes of one day reawakening his dormant culture.


$15 can get you digital copies of both the first and second issues, while $34 gets you a bundle of both physical copies and the digital versions too.

Notes on a Case of Melancholia


Nicholas Gurewitch, he of Perry Bible Fellowship fame, is writing this dark picture book that examines the relationship between the Grim Reaper and his son:

This a book about Death's despair regarding his kid- an affectionate "Little Death" who simply doesn't have what it takes to carry on the family business. Dr. Edgar O. Wye is a psychoanalyst who takes Death on as a patient. The book's rhyming narration will be taken from his case notes.

The book will run about 42-50 pages long, and will be completely illustrated. Graphic novel "frames" will be used on occasion, but this will really be more of a picture book - deliberately similar to the short books of Edward Gorey, but with a character-driven plot. Though it has a pretty high body count, it is in essence a family story.


Although the crowdfunding campaign has already hit its goals, you can still contribute - $10 gets you the digital version of the book, while $25 gets you the physical version.

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