Crowdfund The Fight For Space, Preserving Sci-Fi Classics, And More!

It's your last chance to fund a documentary looking at the economic and cultural impact of the Space Program, but it's not all that's in this latest roundup - there's the preservation of classic science fiction novels, the expansion for R. A. Salvatore's latest RPG, and the new adventures of Jill Trent, Science Sleuth!

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DemonWars: Allheart


R. A. Salvatore's wildly successful Kickstarted RPG is back for more, this time for an expansion including new game mechanics like jousting, a new starting zone, and a class - The Knight:

Southern Honce-the-Bear is in turmoil, its lords and ladies vying for power after the end of the Demon Wars. DEMONWARS: ALLHEART is the second product in the DemonWars Role-playing Game line, an old-school tabletop roleplaying game, this time putting you into the role of an Allheart Knight – an armored warrior, a noble of the Kingdom of Honce-the-Bear, sworn protector of the realm.

$25 gets you the digital copy of the rulebook and information for the expansion, while $45 gets you the digital version as well as a physical hardcover book version and a Novella written by Salvatore.

Jill Trent, Science Sleuth #1


We recently discussed Jill Trent as one of many public domain characters in need of a reboot - it looks like someone listened!

Jill Trent, Science Sleuth was a comic book heroine published in the mid-1940s who solved mysteries and caught crooks using her scientific genius, improbable inventions, and the fighting prowess of her faithful partner, Daisy Smythe!

Now, more than 65 years later, we're bringing Jill and Daisy back in JILL TRENT, SCIENCE SLEUTH #1, a 28-page comic book featuring 5 stories by 5 creative teams! Each stand-alone story reimagines the Science Sleuths in a new way, including a range of racial and ethnic identities and time periods, from the 1940s to the not-too-distant future.


A mere $5 gets you a digital PDF of the comic.

Darkraven Soundscapes: Redux


This interesting soundtrack is creepy and old-god themed, and designed to accompany tabletop RPG sessions to immerse the players:

You have tons of awesome miniatures that you have spent hours painting. You play out your encounters on detailed maps or with beautifully sculpted terrain. The GM has pictures of all the monsters and NPCs you meet. You've put all this time into making your games fun and feel real, but you are still missing the greatest emotional tool you have... MUSIC! The sound will make everyone feel like they are really there and the music will make you never want to leave.

Make your games come alive with our premium immersive soundscapes. Create scenes that you and your friends will remember and be talking about for years to come. The ambient backgrounds and music in these 10 minute audio loops will add a new dimension to every moment in your game. Our tracks combine high quality professionally engineered ambient environments with originally composed music. Just like in musical theatre, radio programs of old, TV shows, video games and movies this intersection of sound and emotion will transport your gaming experience to the next level.


$24 gets you one of the core soundtracks with ambient music included - higher tiers let you get the complete sets as digital or physical copies.

Save The Sci-Fi: The Next Generation


We've previously featured this initiative to save out of print classic sci-fi in modern formats before, and now they're back with even more books worth of saving:

We've seen too many sci fi books that are out of print, out of circulation, and, worst of all (given the subject matter) unavailable in any digital format. Meaning, as of now, these books may never be seen in the future imagined in their pages. That's just not right.

Here's what we're doing about it: Each month we choose one great classic, obscure or otherwise fascinating sci-fi book that's no longer in print and not available online, track down the copyright holder and/or author (if they're still around), acquire or otherwise clear the copyright, and publish the title as an e-book, for little or no cost. Our supporters and followers help us find titles they remember and love, and we share the stories behind the stories, including in each e-book what we learned about the novel, the author and their history along the way.


A $10 pledge gets you a digital bundle of four books previously curated in the Save Sci-Fi collection, but $25 offers a year-long subscription to the Save Sci-Fi book club. getting you one eBook from the series every month.

Fight For Space


Here's your last chance to fund this documentary on the imporantance of NASA - the kickstarter ends in two day's time:

In August of 2012, we raised $100k here on Kickstarter. With that funding, we interviewed over 54 of professionals in the space industry and completed filming, research, and editing for this film. Now in 2015 we need your help to get it out to the masses as soon as possible.

FIGHT FOR SPACE is a feature length documentary film that explores the economic and cultural benefits of human space exploration, and examines the historical and political events that have led to the decline of human space exploration. FIGHT FOR SPACE presents viewpoints from Astronauts, politicians and staff, scientists, former NASA officials, commercial space entrepreneurs, and many other individuals in the space community.


They've just hit their funding goals, but while it's still open, a $25 pledge offers a HD download of the final documentary when it's due for release in May.

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