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Do you have an old monitor lying around? Fellow Gawker mates at Lifehacker point us to a site which shows us how to turn that old tube into a trash can with a few straightforward instructions, but the project is certainly not for the faint of heart. Remember, you're dealing with a vacuum tube that might be prone to a messy implosion. Plus, there's that weird concept of electricity that continues to hang around long after the monitor's been unplugged.

Still, we're strangely interested in clever trash cans, and we do have quite a surplus of old CRTs lying around. Ever so carefully, we might just give this one a try. Since we're mostly paperless around here, it looks like even that dusty old 15-inch monitor might be big enough to hold a week's worth of detritus. Wish us luck.


HOW TO: Turn an Old CRT Monitor into a Trash Can [Doodlepost, via Lifehacker]