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Cruise Ship Plays the Loudest Seven Nation Army You've Ever Heard

The 964-foot-long MSC Magnifica isn't just a luxurious, $550 million cruise ship. It's the world's first 4,500 passenger musical instrument, and it rocked a slow, loooouuud rendition of The White Stripes' "Seven Nation Army" at this weekend's 825th Hamburg Port Anniversary in Germany. Talk about rocking the boat.


With 300 ships and over a million guests, the Hamburg Port Anniversary looks like a ton of seafaring fun, including two grand parades and a tugboat ballet. They've been throwing this party since the year 1189—they clearly have plenty of practice at gettin' down. And with the Magnifica on tunes, you know it was bumpin'. [YouTube]

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The fact that cruise ship horn battles are a thing makes me happy...