Cruise Ship Wi-Fi Just Got Ten Times Faster

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If you've ever spent weeks at sea on a cruise, you'll know that using the Internet is a bit like stepping back in time by a decade or more. But that's all changing.


Cruise ship operator Carnival has developed a new WiFi@Sea network for passengers aboard its vessels, and they claim that it supplies those aboard with Internet thats ten times faster than the current standard. It's managed to achieve that using a blend of technologies: standard Wi-Fi while in dock, long-range Wi-Fi that reaches 40 miles out to sea, and satellite connectivity when it's in the middle of the ocean. The network switches between the three without ever cutting out (hopefully).

The new Wi-Fi service will first be available in ships sailing between the Caribbean and the United States, but it should stretch to Europe and Asia by 2016. Pricing—which is probably going to be fairly high—is yet to be announced. [Carnival Cruises via Verge]

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When i worked on carnival in 2010 it was ok wifi. throughout the ship. now probably it'll just work faster upto 40 miles out. when further they'll step back to the satellite connectivity, the slow one. Pricing is crap expensive! we used to pay $15 for 90minutes. and those are crew prices....