Crunchgear: Introducing Web 3.0? More Like Stupid.0

Illustration for article titled Crunchgear: Introducing Web 3.0? More Like Stupid.0

Despite our passionate detestation of April Fools' Day, we must admit that Crunchgear's new layout, complete with a hyperactive piggy bank gif, is almost enjoyable.


Gizmodo—of course—would never do such a radical design change overnight, lest our readers be left in the barren wasteland of non-news when our page suddenly failed to load or display properly in RSS readers.

I guess all that matters is that Crunchgear enjoys their holiday while the rest of us slave to bring our dear public the latest and greatest in technological enterprises.

hahaha we're so freakin funny while you do our job [crunchgear]

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Rick Dobbs

Great idea, poor execution. They should have went Bud Uglly and done it right and then maybe found someone actually funny to do the stories.