Cthulhu cosplay = shoving venomous snakes up your nose?

It's not hard to dress up as he who slumbers in R'lyeh. All you need to do is shove a bunch of wriggling snakes up your nostrils like 53-year-old serpent master Liu Fei of Mianiang, China. Sure, this tactic may require nerves of steel and a lifetime of practice, but once you perfect it, you can pull it out for picnics and birthday parties and board meetings and piano recitals and croquet tournaments.

[Via Fortean Times]



aiayayayyayeeee! that is the most disturbing thing i've seen here you really need a new category beyond 'wtf' because 'wtf' doesn't begin to describe that. i was nowhere near prepared for that, even with thedescription.

ARGHAGSAHSGAGW! I actually yelled that out loud as I watched the end. I thought the guy was all done and was just putting his snakes away at the end there. I was wrong. now i have a seriously bad case of the shudders.