CTIA's Showstopper Event: Great Shrimp

Showstopper, a common event at big gadget shows, finished a few hours ago. One of the best things about this particular Showstopper event was the food. Team Gizmodo finished off about two dozen shrimp in less than 15 minutes. (Team Gizmodo = Jason and me.) Then I got hives.

Alongside the food, there are tables that vendors set up to demo their gear. I didn't find much that we hadn't seen already at the show, unfortunately. I'd think that Showstopper should have an easy time filling the small room with cellphones and cool stuff, like that we saw at the Pepcom event the night before. But it's hard to follow up a similar event with the same devices. But let's be positive: The shrimp cocktail was second to none.


CTIA [Gizmodo]

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