Current Windows Phones May Not Be Getting Upgraded After All

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Earlier this week, a Microsoft spokesman announced that all Windows Phone 7 devices would be getting the upgrade to Windows Phone 8. Today developer evangelist Nino Silva acknowledged that he, uh, misspoke. Apparently he was confusing application compatibility with device upgrades and cleared things up on his blog today.

The point I was attempting to make was simply that existing Windows Phone applications will run on the next version of Windows Phone. This is the same guidance that Microsoft shared late last year.

I mistakenly confused app compatibility with phone updateability, which caused the rumors we saw yesterday. I did not intend to give the impression I was offering new guidance on any products under development or their upgradeability.

Sorry Lumia 900 owners. You've got an excellent phone, but you're going to have to sweat it out until Microsoft decides whether to upgrade your device to sweet Apollo goodness. And it's not looking good: The Verge reports that that no current Windows Phones will be getting the upgrade. Hey, at least your applications will still work on Windows Phone 8, even if your device doesn't. [MDSN Blogs via CNET]

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I don't think he made a wording mistake... Device OS upgrades and app compatibility are far from the same thing. I think he probably jumped the gun and got a call from MS, then reworded his statement so he didn't have to admit that he jumped the gun. Sucks though... for winphone users.