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Cute Short Animation Shows What It's Like to Live in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a pretty easy city to stereotype. You’re stuck in eternal traffic on the 405 while wolfing down a burger from In-N-Out. Or you’re sipping green juice at a cafe next to an actor from that one movie. Or you’re listening to someone discuss their screenplay. Or you’re at the beach.


Some of the stereotypes are totally true. Some are totally stupid. But as someone who grew up in Los Angeles, I’ve always found it interesting to hear what visitors think about this stretched-out collective of neighborhoods bumbling around pretending to be a city.

This video, LA Gifathon by James Curran, is a series of 30 gifs that highlight an aspect of life in Los Angeles. Curran spent a month in Los Angeles and animated a new gif every day using what he saw around the city as inspiration. It’s cute and fun and the animation style is pretty darn enjoyable.


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When I was visiting LA, the one thing I couldn’t make sense of is the traffic. Like how the hell do you have major traffic jam with 5 lanes?

I can understand why NYC get traffic jam but that’s because we have 2 lanes on most of our highways, sometimes 3.