CutYourSim Unlocks iPhones Without Having to Jailbreak Them

CutYourSim sounds too good to be true—but as BGR and other people have confirmed it works, we'll go with them on this. It permanently unlocks iPhone 4s, 3GSs and 3Gs, without the need to jailbreak and wait for unlock versions to be released. There is a catch, though—it costs $169.

I'm sure plenty of people will jump at an easier way to unlock their iPhones, even if that involves a heftier fee. [CutYourSim via 9to5Mac via BGR]



Your construction for plural iPhones is a bit confusing. It took me about 30 seconds to realize you weren't referring to an unheard of "iPhone 4S" or an intriguing "iPhone 3GSS". Might want to find a better way to declare multiple iPhones.