CW Is Finally, FINALLY Going to Stream Live Via Hulu

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If you are passionate about superheroes, teens in lust, or superheroic teens in lust, then you’re probably a fan of the CW. And if you’re a fan of cutting the cord and using streaming services, you probably already know that CW is not available on a single one. If you want to watch the network live you need to pony up for an antenna or cable. But more than seven months after it was first announced, CW is finally coming to a streaming service—specifically Hulu with Live TV.


Hulu and CW first announced the partnership back in August of 2017 and said CW would appear on Hulu’s live television offering, Live TV, in the “coming months.” Only, months went by and still new episodes of TV from the CW have been solely available online a day or more after airing and even then the places CW could be watched were limited to CW’s app or via Hulu’s traditional streaming service.

It’s been frustrating if you want to live tweet Black Lightning or keep up with the antics of the beautiful “teens” of Riverdale. And in many places in the US, it will continue to be frustrating because CW is only rolling out to select cities on Hulu’s Live TV.

For now it will just be available in Philadelphia, San Francisco, Atlanta, Tampa, Detroit, Seattle, Sacramento, and Pittsburgh (you can confirm availability using your zip code here). Noticeably absent are enormous TV markets including New York, Dallas/Fort Worth, and Los Angeles. In a press release, Hulu says CW will be available in other cities “soon,” but given the reported complexities of making deals with the CW (there is a reason you can’t find it on any other streaming service) I wouldn’t hold my breath.



Yes, I like Jukes

Out of all of the streaming services...Hulu had to be the one to get it. This was the one thing holding me back from jumping to a streaming tv service, but I CAN’T deal with the shitty “UI” that Hulu has. It’s hard to even call it a UI, its so bad.

Hopefully Youtube TV gets a deal worked out sooner rather than later.