Cyber Snipa Tool Kit Dogtag

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Yes, we've all been there. Casually lounging around the coffee shop when suddenly a frantic person comes running into the coffee shop needing help with their computer. No longer will you have to delay the inevitable by going home to get some repair tools, now it is all stored right on a handy, geeky dog tag. The Cyber Snipa dog tag comes loaded up with enough tools to crack open that computer case and fix whatever the problem is with the help of the included LED flashlight. If it is a software problem the dog tag also comes with a 512mb removable flash drive perfect for storing spyware and virus removal tools. Once you are done you can even crack open a cold one with your rescued damsel/dame in distress with the included bottle opener. This tool set will set you back $46 or so.

Product Page [Via uberreview]


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