Cymbals Eat Guitars: Jackson

Ever since I saw them in a small, grimy room above a bar in Albany, New York, Cymbals Eat Guitars has been one of my favorite bands. Their album openers in particular repeatedly strike an epic, sprawling, noodley indie rock chord I just cant get enough of. And now that the band's third album is streaming on NPR, I've got a new one to obsess over. I think you'll like it too.


LOSE is about exactly what its title suggests: Loss. Specifically the loss of Benjamin High, a friend of the band—and of lead singer Joseph D'Agostino in particular—who died several years ago, right around the time Cymbals Eat Guitars was jumping into the musical scene.

This lead track, "Jackson," is a pretty low key one. Not as intense and dynamic as the band's (terrific) debut album single "And The Hazy Sea," or the more esoteric "Rifle Eyesight" from their sophomore effort. "Jackson" is more intimate, and personal. Just the simple tale of a trip to Six Flags with a buddy, free-falling, and wanting to live forever. Typical fun summer stuff.

The guitar hook in the chorus is fantastically catchy, as is the solo, and while brief, D'Agostino's earnest scream "I don't wanna die" almost makes up for some of the more labored and overwrought vocals earlier on. All in all, "Jackson" is fantastic. This weekend I listened to it like 40 times. I don't plan to stop.

You can listen to all of LOSE streaming over at NPR before the album's official release on August 26th. I'm not sure what I think of it yet; it always takes me four of five listens before the album sinks in. But so far, it's always been worth the effort. [NPR]


Update: I've listened to LOSE like 20 times now and yes, it's incredible.

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