Cymbals Eat Guitars: And The Hazy Sea

"And The Hazy Sea" is the lead track from Cymbals Eat Guitar's debut album Why There Are Mountains. It's also one of the most amazing songs I've ever heard. Yeah, it's on the long side, but it takes a journey work going on.


The ebb and flow of the dynamics, along with the ethereal guitar gives the whole thing an epic, oceanic feel that's second to none. And the lyrics, though nigh unintelligible, are actually pretty poetic. Their lead singer's voice may not be your cup of tea if you aren't in the mood for something along the lines of an extra-angsty Isaac Brock, but just give it a chance. It grows on you.



My cat makes music like this when his tail gets caught in the door. My little niece too - when her diaper needs changed...