D&D 'Loading Screens' for the DM who needs a break

Even the best laid Dungeon Master plans can go awry, leaving you to trawl through books and scribbled notes in a panic to find something for your players to do while they blankly stare at your DM Screen - so why not take a hint from video games and throw up a quick Loading Screen to distract them?

These D&D Fifth Edition-themed Loading Screens were made by Reddit User Counted Crow, and just like plenty of video game screens, come packed with hints and tips for players to ponder while you replot their imminent demise next challenge - as well as a few knowing tabletop in-jokes.


Even if you don't play 5E, it's a pretty fun, quirky idea that you could easily adapt to any tabletop RPG game that you DM. You can check out Counted Crow's full gallery of screens over on Imgur.


[via The Escapist]

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