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D&G Medicine Man Watch, Colorbars Cure Drab Style

Illustration for article titled DG Medicine Man Watch, Colorbars Cure Drab Style

We're not generally big Dolce & Gabbana buyers, but we love broadcast style. This Medicine Man watch is almost tempting enough to drop the $264. Constructed of stainless steal, the watch features quartz movement, a wonderfully pretentious "indigo" backlight and 50m of water resistance. What do you think, readers? Hot or not?


Short answer: hot. Long answer: We're not reading the comments of anyone who disagrees. [product via 7gadgets]

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Oooo, a test pattern for your wrist!

If it wasn't that expensive, I would buy it. We old folks appreciate stuff like this. Just as long as it doesn't play the national anthem when you push one of those buttons. (Other old farts will understand what I mean by that.)