Daleks, Chuck And Boba Fett Ease Your Lost Withdrawal Symptoms

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There's no new Lost this week, but luckily there are new episodes of V, Flashforward, Chuck, Doctor Who (Nazis vs. Daleks?!?), and more: the season finales of Ugly Americans and Clone Wars, and Tony Stark making the talk show circuit.


MONDAY 4/26/10

Chuck is back! In "Chuck Versus the Honeymooners" (8 PM, ABC), Chuck and Sarah meet some Spanish agents, and Casey and Morgan search for a missing couple.

At 9 PM on PBS, there's Frontline: The Vaccine War - public health experts discuss the public perceptions of vaccines and their safety to patients.

From 4 PM-12:00 AM, a Star Trek: The Next Generation marathon runs on Syfy.

TUESDAY 4/27/10

Lost takes a week off! Gah! Apropos of nothing, I have $20 riding on the notion that Juliet is the ex-Mrs. Jack Shepherd.

On Survivors (9 PM, BBCA) a new strain of the virus makes the Lab hurry up their search for a vaccine, and Whittaker faces off against Landry. Can they find a cure before this already-cancelled show runs out of episodes?

On V ("Heretic's Fork," 10 PM, ABC) Erica and the gang realize that the Vs know who the Fifth Column members are, Ryan opens up to a scared Val, and Chad puts himself in the Vs' loving hands to get some medical treatment.

There's a new Ancient Aliens, "The Visitors," on at 8 PM on History, and a new National Geographic Explorer, "Fatal Insomnia," at 10 PM on NGC.


Robocop is on G4 at 9 PM. Barton Fink is also on The Fox Movie Channel at midnight, as is the amazing Universal Soldier: The Return on FX. (Watch the five most horrendous moments from the Universal Soldier sequel here.)


Late Night: Dominic Monaghan is on Jimmy Kimmel (Midnight, ABC); the new Freddy Krueger - Jackie Earle Haley - is on Leno (11:30 PM, NBC)


In the season finale of Ugly Americans ("Kong of Queens," 10:30 PM, Comedy Central), Mark must contend with budget cutbacks and finding a giant ape employment. But good news! UA is being renewed in October. More weeping Koala-Man!


Preview - Social Services Shutdown


All three Back To The Future films are on Encore from 8:00 PM-1:50 AM.

Late Night: Robert Downey Jr. is on Letterman (11:30 PM, CBS), doing his Tony Stark spiel.


THURSDAY 4/29/10

On FlashForward ("Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, 8 PM, ABC), Aaron searches for his daughter (and hopefully gets Taken on Jericho) and Olivia receives a discomfiting message from Gabriel. And hey, Demetri's alive! Good times!

On Vampire Diaries ("Blood Brothers," 8 PM, CW) Elena discovers how Stefan and Damon became all wampyrical, and Anna and Jeremy hit it off.

On Fringe ("Brown Betty, 9 PM, FOX), a very stoned Walter tells Olivia's niece a fairy tale...a cryptic fairy tale (we presume). And this somehow leads to lots of musical numbers. Because... why not?

On Supernatural ("The Devil You Know," 9 PM, CW), the demon Crowley (the ubiquitous Mark Sheppard) lends Dean and Sam a hand in finding the Horseman rings to ensnare Lucifer.

At 10 PM, there's Known Universe: Decoding the Skies on NGC.

Late Night: Gwyneth Paltrow doing her Pepper Potts thing on Letterman; Jackie Earle Haley hits up Jimmy Fallon (12:30 PM, NBC).


FRIDAY 4/30/10

On Smallville ("Sacrifice," 8 PM, CW), Tess and Chloe are stuck in the Watchtower, it's Ollie vs. Zod, and Clark learns that Zod's Kandorian followers are juiced up on Zod blood.

New Stargate Universe (9 PM, Syfy) - the gang is stuck under the ruins and must find a way to get back aboard Destiny.

The season finale of Clone Wars tonight (9 & 9:30 PM, Cartoon Network)! In "R2 Come Home" and "Lethal Trackdown." Plo Koon and Ahsoka face off against gangsters, Boba Fett, and bounty hunters — while Anakin and Mace Windu fall into their trap.


At 9 PM, a new Merlin, "Beauty and the Beast" debuts on Syfy.

On AMC, there's a three-pronged creature feature of They Live (midnight), Return of The Living Dead (2:00 AM), and The Day The World Ended (4:00 AM). Experience that third movie's weird blow-up doll scene here.



On Doctor Who ("Victory of the Daleks," 9 PM, BBCA), the Doctor and Amy go back to World War II to meet Winston Churchill and some friendly Daleks?!? This looks so triptacularly fun.

On AMC, the original Stargate is on at 2:00 AM. Stumble home to some sweet, mid-90s Kurt Russell.


SUNDAY 5/2/10

New Breaking Bad at 10 PM with "One Minute." Hank confronts Jesse, and Skyler puts the pressure on Walt.




The new Dalek episode for Doctor Who was great. A ton of shameless fun and a good bit of acting.