Damien Wayne Gets to Work Out Some Anger Issues in the First Look at Justice League vs Teen Titans

Damien Wayne isn’t much of a team player at the best of times, but when the Justice League gets possessed by evil aliens and he gets the chance to beat up Superman and pals? You bet he’s going to team up with the Teen Titans, in their first foray into DC’s original animation movie series.


IGN has revealed the trailer for the latest in the lengthy, lengthy line of DC’s straight-to-DVD animated saga. It sees the unruly Damien forced to work with Starfire, Cyborg, Raven, Beast Boy, and Blue Beetle after he botches a mission with the Justice League—only for the young group to find out that Raven’s demonic dad, Trigon, has possessed the League, leading to the titular throwdown.

It’s looking good so far, and if you’re not fond of the Titan’s current, highly stylized antics on Teen Titans Go! (it might be because you hate fun or something, but that’s just my opinion), this is a chance to see them in a more serious environment. But also, it’s another chance to watch superheroes punch each other in the face before you see them doing it live-action style in Captain America: Civil War or Batman v Superman.

Justice League vs Teen Titans is due for release in Spring.


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