Damn, President Obama's 3D Portrait Is Realistic

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The Smithsonian recently documented the creation of a 3D portrait of President Obama, and the results are remarkably authentic. The USC Institute for Creative Technologies used 50 custom-made LED lights, eight hi-res sports photography cameras, and six wide angle cameras to capture every nook, cranny, and worry line on Obama's head. The result is the highest resolution digital model of any head of state in the world, so suck on that, Merkel!

Autodesk software transformed all the photos into a model bust, which will probably creep people the fuck out for years to come. The technology has rendered Obama so vividly that I'm kind of worried Robert Zemeckis is going to try to insert the president in his next creepy motion capture 3D IMAX thing, Polar Express 2: Executive Orders. [Stefan Becket]

GIF by Andrew Liszewecki