Damn You, Auto Correct!

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I'm typing these sentences on my iPhone and the ducking auto correct feature is getting in the way so much that that I want to hump up and down in frustration. Damn you, auto correct! Damn you to ducking he'll!


My nerves may be pretty frayed after this little post, but I can't really complain too much. After all, I haven't gone through anything quite as terrible as what I'm seeing on Damn You Auto Correct, a site dedicated to the moments when a helpful feature betrays us.

Then again, there was the time when I called someone an ass while only intending to ooh and aww over a nice gesture. [Damn You Auto Correct via TechCrunch]


Nothing to See Here!

I love the one where he/she replied saying "Thank you auto


I remember once I was trying to spell Pepperoni, I spelled it

wrong, it had the red line underneath, so I clicked it so it would

correct it for me. Funny, it didn't correct it, another red line

appeared underneath and finally found the correct word.