Dartboard Lets You Score a Boobie Bullseye

Illustration for article titled Dartboard Lets You Score a Boobie Bullseye

Throwing darts has never been this fun. Not only do you get the satisfaction of hitting a bull's-eye if your aim is true, but as soon as you score, this supremely confident blond encourages you, crying out in ecstasy the inexplicable phrase, "Young girl, bull's-eyes! Wonderful!" Even though it is a bit misogynistic for our taste, it's just goofy enough to get a conversation going. Why didn't the creators of this groundbreaking invention depict a man with a bull's-eye on his crotch? Maybe that's next, with the hapless plastic victim blurting out the exclamation, "Old man, ballbuster! Blow it out your ass!" [Weird Asia News]


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Bullseye on the crotch?


Nintendo's got you covered. Always good for a laugh.