Darth Vader is one handsome Sith lord in Dark Horse's The Star Wars comic

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We're crazy excited for Dark Horse's comic interpretation of George Lucas' first draft of Star Wars, which was vastly different from what ended up on screen. The best known example, obviously, is that Han Solo was originally a green-skinned lizard, but take a look at that handsome gent up top. Darth Vader cleans up nice, don't you think?

Entertainment Weekly got the above pic from Dark Horse (shown in its entirety at the bottom of the article), along with art of the older general Luke Skywalker, and young Annakin Starkiller.


Entertainment Weekly also has an interview with Dark Horse founder Mike Richardson and editor Randy Stradley; it doesn't offer many concrete details on the series, but if you want to know how it was pitched to Lucas (carefully) and how worried they are now that Disney owns Star Wars and Marvel (just a touch) you can read it here.