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Hey, want to play with that Dash GPS I just wrote about a minute ago? Before anyone else has them? For free? If you love driving as much as you love free next-generation gadgets, stop reading Giz, click here and fill out the form to be part of Dash's Road Test. You've got the jump on the rest of the Internet, so go.


Back? Ok. Here's what that was all about: Dash Navigation is looking for 2,000 car-loving gadget heads who can put their next-generation GPS systems to the test this summer. Basically, you get a free cellular equipped GPS before anyone else in exchange for feedback. The cool thing is that since Dash Express GPS's upload your traffic conditions to an ever growing model of traffic, you'll be seeding that data as you drive. And when the trial is done, the hardware is yours to keep. [UPDATE: You gotta give it back, but you'll get a discount on a fresh one when the test is over.]

They'll pick the best of the applicants, so if you really want to get your hands on this hot gear, do your best to let them know how interested you are in both gadgets and driving.


Sign up here,, and tell em I sent you.

Dash Navigator GPS [Gizmodo]

Calling All Drivers - Dash Hits the Streets with Unique Nationwide Road Test Program

Company Recruiting 2,000 Frustrated Commuters in Preparation for Fall Launch

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., April 9, 2007 - Dash Navigation™, Inc. today announced plans to recruit 2,000 drivers to "road test" the Dash Express™, the first Internet-connected automotive GPS. The company recently completed a successful six-month field trial in the San Francisco Bay Area. Now, Dash is turning traditional auto navigation testing upside down by crisscrossing the country to actively engage thousands of consumers in the process. Commuters eager to be the first to test drive the Dash Express are encouraged to apply by visiting HYPERLINK ""

"We're committed to doing whatever it takes to deliver a great consumer experience," said Dash Chief Executive Officer Paul Lego. "The only way to do this well is to hit the road and reach out to the community for real-world input and feedback. This program also allows us to begin building our national Dash Driver Network immediately."

With its unique set of connected features, the Dash Express goes well beyond existing, standalone GPS devices. Here's why:

The Dash Driver Network - Know the best ways around traffic using information generated from other devices in the Dash community.
Yahoo! Local search - Find virtually anything - people, places, products, and services. Simply select your result and drive right to it.
Send to Car - Send addresses from any computer straight to the dashboard, eliminating the need for paper maps and directions.
Dynamic Destination Information - Get the latest gas prices, movie times and community-based ratings for destinations - right from the driver's seat.
Automatic Updates - Automatically receive updated features and software.

"We're excited to expand our testing beyond California," added Robert Acker, Dash senior vice president of marketing. "We don't believe that navigation is a one-size-fits-all experience. A driver in Los Angeles has very different needs than a driver in Atlanta. This national road test will enable us to really understand how people use and value our product in different regions across the country."

Calling All Drivers- Be the First to Test Drive Dash

Dash is looking for about two thousand technology enthusiasts throughout the country to join the exclusive Dash Driver Network as it prepares for a national commercial launch this fall. In particular, Dash is looking for heavy commuters and mobile gadget enthusiasts. Consumers can apply to join the free Dash National Road Test at HYPERLINK "" Drivers will be selected based on responses to a short survey and will be notified via email if they have been chosen. Anyone who visits the site can also sign up to be alerted when Dash begins sales later this year.

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