Dash Express Video and Deets: Internet Connected GPS for $599

The big news today is that the eagerly anticipated Dash Express—that GPS that is internet connected for traffic data download and upload and all sorts of live data—is available for pre-order for $599 with three months of net service. After that, the data link will cost $10 to $13 monthly on top of that. Pricey to be sure, but the newly unveiled features solidify the Dash's reputation as a turn-by-turn GPS navigator unlike anything seen before:

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• MyDash web interface lets you plan routes, browse through geoRSS feeds of different recommended destinations, and create Yahoo! search criteria (sushi restaurants in Boulder, CO) that you can send to the Express navigator as a search button. MyDash also offers user-generated searches and lists as well as static POS. It will soon feature third-party navigational POI lists as well, all options that you can choose to put on your system—or not. The coolest thing is, you don't have to think about these different sources of data if you don't want to, instead relying on a system-wide meta search with a variety of results.

• Send2Car is a freakin' amazing plug-in for Firefox, IE, Safari and Outlook that lets you right-click an address and, yep, send it to the Express's routes list. On Macs, you can just send any text. Have a look:

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Illustration for article titled Dash Express Video and Deets: Internet Connected GPS for $599
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Illustration for article titled Dash Express Video and Deets: Internet Connected GPS for $599
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• Traffic data from three separate databases: the traffic-information provider Inrix, used by other GPS navigators; the historical data from the Dash database, which even now is being gradually beefed up by beta testers all over the country; and your own personal Dash database, which learns your local bottlenecks as you drive. The Express combines the data to make three different suggested routes for you to consider, with different time projections based on time of day and conditions.

• AutoUpdate for now means that traffic and software are automatically updated, but during my chats with Dash I've learned that at some point after launch, this service will include map updates as well, from provider Tele Atlas.


The first three months of Dash service are free The service plans break down a lot like TiVo's: If you want to tack on 24 months up front, you pay around $240. If you want to go month-to-month, it's $13. And if you want to round out the service to a full year (adding 9 months of paid service) it's an extra $100—the option intended for gift givers.

Of course, if you do plan to buy the Express for someone as a gift, you can only show them the receipt at Christmastime, since this pre-order corresponds to a delivery time of mid to late February. [Dash]

Award-winning Dash Express Now Available for Pre-Order

New GPS Leverages Two-Way Connectivity to Provide Real-time Answers to Drivers' Questions in the Car

December 17, 2007

News Facts

Dash Navigation, Inc. today announced that the Dash Express, the first Internet-connected GPS device, is now available for pre-order at the company's website (http://www.dash.net).

The Dash Express will be priced at $599.99 and will include three free months of Dash Service*.

While the Dash Express functions as a great GPS device even without the Dash Service, to take full advantage of the unique set of connected features including real-time traffic information from the Dash Driver Network, Internet Search, Send2Car and AutoUpdates, a subscription is required.

Consumers will have several options for subscribing to the Dash Service:

2 year pre-pay plan: Effectively $9.99 per month

1 year pre-pay plan: Effectively $10.99 per month

Month-to-month plan: $12.99/month
The Dash Express will begin shipping in mid-to-late February directly from www.dash.net followed by broader retail distribution in Q2 2008.

Product Features

While any GPS device can provide directions to get you from point A to B, the always-connected Dash Express gives you the information you need every day.

Superior traffic with the Dash Driver Network™: Select your route based on up-to-the-minute traffic data that is automatically and anonymously tivexchanged via the most reliable source - other Dash devices.
The Dash Express gathers traffic information from the Dash Driver Network and combines it with other sources of traffic data to provide you with the most accurate picture of what's happening on the routes you're traveling.
Only Dash provides traffic information for both freeways and local roads and side streets.
The Dash Express provides up to three routing options to your destination that are based on flow rather than incident data, and it has the ability to automatically alert you when traffic conditions change and route you around traffic problems on your route.

Find virtually anything with Yahoo! Local search: Connect to Yahoo! Local search to find unlimited points of interest—people, places, products and services.
Two-way connectivity gives Dash Express the ability to use Yahoo! Local search and other Internet search sources.
Unlike other GPS devices that come loaded with a static database of points of interest, Dash gives you access to unlimited points of interest based on your specific needs, and delivers key detailed information (i.e. gas prices, movie times) to help you chose the right destination.

Send2Car™ means no typing required: Simply highlight an address from any Internet browser or Microsoft Outlook and send it directly to your car.
You can use Send2Car yourself, or have someone else send it to your Dash device when you're already on the road.

MyDash makes it even easier to personalize your Dash Express: The MyDash portal (http://my.dash.net) enables you to customize your Dash Express.
Create your own lists and feeds or, if you prefer, import the great content created by other members of the Dash Community.
Easily send customized search buttons (i.e. LA Yoga Studios, Best Red Sox Bars in Boston, Toddler Playgrounds in New York City) straight to your device so you always have access to the places you want to go.

AutoUpdate™ means your GPS is always up to date: Dash Express is the only GPS that automatically and wirelessly updates software and traffic using two-way connectivity. You'll always have the latest features as soon as Dash releases them.




Meh... If I still lived in the Bay Area (or LA or NY or another congested big city), this would probably be worth it to me. But living in the Sacramento area, I just wouldn't get enough bang for the buck here.

We still have traffic of course, but it is FAR more tolerable, and much less likely on city streets. Plus, unlike the bigger cities, there's only one or maybe two ways to get between most places anyway, so if there is traffic, you pretty much have no alternative but to wait in line.

So the Dash will be popular in the larger metro areas, but not so much in the smaller ones, IMO.