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Now this is a PSP accessory I can get excited about. Datel, which also makes the X2 battery pack for the PSP, has come out with an integrated 4GB hard drive version, effectively making this an external hard drive for the PSP. The Datel MAX 4GB connects to the memory stick port of the PSP, and will utilize its built-in battery pack instead of sapping the PSP's power. As for pricing, Lik-Sang is selling it for $249.99, while Dark Planets is selling it for 137.49 (quoted RSP is 149.99). Considering the price of a 2GB Memory Stick Pro DUO is more than $330, this is looking to be a must-have add-on for those PSP fans that like to pack on the multimedia in their handhelds (TV shows, for example). It will be available later this month.

Max 4GB HDD w/ X2 Battery [Lik-Sang via I4U]
Datel 4GB PSP Hard Drive [Dark Planets via I4U]