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Although this 500GB Datto NAS backup seems to be targeted towards small businesses, most of us on Giz have enough data lying around our computers for it to be worthwhile to us as well. The Datto comes in two models, 100 and 500GB, and both automatically back up whatever data's on it to the Datto servers in case your house gets destroyed by Godzilla and the Cloverfield monster playing footsies.

If your unit goes down, a backup can be delivered in under 24 hours. The units are $399 and $599 respectively, and come with a $99 and $249 annual fee. At this price, it's cheaper than rigging up your own backup solution on Amazon's S3 storage, but it might be a little steep if you just want to keep your vacation pics and music safe. Unless of course your name is Christina Aguilera and those vacation pics are of yourself nude, and that music is your next album. We have a server for you to put those onto. [Datto]


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