David Tennant And Peter Jackson, Plus No Heroes Panel, Make Comic-Con Perfect

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A screening of the never-before-aired Felicia Day Dollhouse episode. Appearances by James Cameron and Peter Jackson. No Heroes panel. And now David Tennant is showing up. Could this be a San Diego Comic Con to go down in history?

Amazing news: Doctor Who's outgoing star and show runner, David Tennant and Russell T Davies, will be on a Comic Con panel this year in San Diego. This is absolutely huge news, and just one more amazing announcement for SDCC. This could very well be the year that the most influential people will visit the overcrowded halls of the convention center. So mark your calendar, the Who panel's on Sunday July 26, at 10 AM.

Tennant's not the only BBC family member making a cameo: Torchwood and Being Human [about a werewolf a vampire and a ghost living together in Bristol] will also have panel time.


But that's not even all! Besides Peter Jackson and James Cameron's appearances at the Con, remember the never-before-seen Dollhouse season finale, "Epitaph One," featuring Felicia Day? It's getting its own special screening. Fingers crossed friend-to-geeks Day will make an appearance. And if you can't make that, then go to the screening of the pilot for the alien reboot V.


And if that wasn't enough, there's the fact that you'll be spared listening to the cast of Heroes explain just what happened this past season. There won't be a Heroes panel there because they couldn't all get together, which sounds about par for this series.


Everything is coming up roses right now for SDCC — July 23 through the 26 is sounding pretty great, and we can't wait.