I'm glad to report that Lego is doing a special holiday shopping event for qualifying Lego VIP members again this year. The invite only event will take place on November 22nd; the Lego store will open an hour early to allow select VIP members the opportunity to take advantage of Brick Friday deals six days before the general populous.


I attended this thing last year and though it was a little weird, arriving at an empty mall and shopping with only a few dozen other people, it was a pretty cool thing seeing the piles of gear some of these folks had stacked up at checkout.

We're not yet privy to the exact stipulations of the deals, but I assume that it will be similar to the 2013 event. We will get some swag at the door including a pull tab gambling card that offers some sort of prize. If memory serves, there were percentages off, free key chains, free sets up to a certain dollar amount and then one shopping spree card in the bunch.

The restrictions are pretty simple.

  • One transaction per person
  • $5000 spending limit pre-discount
  • Sets are to be purchased for personal use only (no selling the stuff on Bricklink or eBay)
  • Only one exclusive set per person. You are allowed to buy The Tumbler (76023) and a Sandcrawler (75059) but not two of the same exclusive set.
  • Non-exclusive sets are limited to 5 of each. A great way to stock up on those raw brick sets like Creative Suitcase (10682)

Most importantly, each VIP gets to invite one guest who gets all the same buying privileges and deals. Find out who in your area got the golden ticket and start the suck up process now; you only have one week until they have to RSVP.


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