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Deals: Lego shop-at-home Brick Friday specials

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It's Black Friday and I would not blame anyone for not wanting to get out there and battle the crowds. The good news is, at least as far as Lego is concerned, all of the deals that are being offered in Lego brand stores today are also available online.


The only thing that you will be potentially missing out on is the free Pick-A-Brick Santa that they are giving away to the first 100 checkouts, about a $9 value with no rare or special elements. Most likely, these are completely gone at this point anyway. Instructions for that model can be grabbed here.

The overall deals are they same as they were for the VIP event last week:

  • Free Shipping on all orders
  • Free Ice Skating (40107) with $99 purchase

The easiest way to start shopping is to go directly to the sales and deals section on All items and availability are clearly marked. The detailed list of discounted sets by theme are as follows:



Galaxy Squad

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The Lego Movie

Master Builder Academy

Star Wars

The Hobbit





Accessories and Seasonal

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